Exercising is one of those things that, with work, family, and all the other daily tasks we’ve got to tackle, often finds itself at the bottom of the priority list. Its positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing are really worth making time for though. Here are some of the things you could do to make sure you find time for fitness.

1. Go to a regular class

If you commit to attending a class twice or three times a week, it soon becomes a routine. Whether it’s a Monday spin session at 7 or Sunday morning pilates class, once you get into the habit of going at a set time, you’ll subconsciously incorporate it into your weekly schedule without even thinking about it. Building relationships with your trainer or the other members in your class is also more likely to keep you motivated to keep going back if you feel your routine slipping.

2. Go straight from work

Join a gym that’s on your way home from work and you’ll have no excuse not to go. Coming home, putting the kettle and some sweats on makes it all too easy to find ways to stay there but if you’re already on the go, you’re far more likely to make the effort on a regular basis.

3. Switch to morning workouts

Just as going to the gym after work makes you more likely to go, so does stopping there on your way. This one is particularly good for people with children or long working days. If you can bring yourself to sacrifice the extra hour in bed in the morning, it’s one less thing you’ve got to squeeze into your precious down time in the evenings.

4. Workout at home

One of our previous posts highlights the importance of joining a gym but for some people it just isn’t realistic. If there’s no way you can go to one or it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, working out at home is a great option for many people and eliminates the extra time you’d have to factor in for set classes and travelling. Just make sure you find ways to stay motivated that work for you.

5. Schedule it into your diary

Just as you would for a dinner date with friends or an appointment at the dentist, make a point of writing your gym session in your diary, that way you’re making a commitment you’ll feel more obliged to stick to. It’s a good idea to schedule in sessions weeks or even months in advance too to avoid the ‘I just don’t have time’ excuse later down the line.

6. Find something you enjoy

The bottom line is, if you find an exercise, workout routine or a trainer that works for you, you won’t need to make time for fitness. Once you start to enjoy exercise, incorporating it into your weekly routine really isn’t a task you have to think about at all.

For more advice on fitness and finding the right workout for you, contact one of ZBody Strength’s experienced trainers.