Exercise is crucial for increased fitness, but cannot be achieved without a healthy diet. One of the best ways to practice healthy eating is to surround yourself with a variety of nutritious foods. One of the hardest tasks when embarking on this new journey is finding the right foods and then doing the food shop. But, put simply “buy healthy foods and ingredients, you will cook with them and eat them. If you bring lots of junk food into the house, you will eat it.” Therefore, making smart choices when doing the food shop really is the key to good nutrition. Many people find food shopping to be a chore, but these tips will hopefully make it easier for you.

Shop from a list
Plan ahead before heading for the supermarket. The first healthy shop should invest in the essentials, depending on your diet. These are ingredients that you can throw into most meals and can store in the cupboard. Planning ahead a rough guide of meals you will eat in the week will also be beneficial. This could be Mexican chicken, home-made stir fry and vegetarian lasagne, or any meals that you enjoy eating and cooking, as well as the family. If you are already aware of what meals you want to have and any snacks, you have no excuse to not cook as you have the ingredients. You can make this simpler by having recipes that share ingredients and this will cut costs. A further way to reduce costs is to search for coupons or deals that you can purchase in advance. Most importantly, never shop on an empty stomach!

Know your shop
If you know where everything is in the shop, this means you can target where you’re going and avoid the isle of temptation. When you know where everything is in the shop, prepare your shopping list in a way to reflect each isle. This will prevent you from having to go back and forth trying to find the food. This will also help you be loyal to your list because you can’t sneakily add it on the end and there is far less temptation if you have your route planned. Also, by simplifying your shop in this way, you can complete your shop in record time, preventing boredom and hunger.

Enlist support
Be sure that everyone in the house wants to eat what you plan to serve. When preparing your menu ask if there is anything special they want and any meals they will prefer, or any serious dislikes. Encourage this to be healthy so you do not need to bring unhealthy foods into the house. This will enable them to feel a part of the choices and more likely to eat it. After deciding what to eat, tackle to food shop with a family member or a friend. Having a companion with you can help divert your attention away from the laborious task of shopping, as well as hold you accountable to making healthy decisions.

Healthy food fuels a healthy body, therefore, conquering the most important part of eating will make the subsequent stages much easier.