Top Fitness Apps
Our schedules are hectic and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of our workouts and food intake. Technology has made life easier and can track everything for us. We are now able to track our calorie and nutrition for the day, in easy to use apps, which also send us reminders to do it so we don’t forget. But also, apps are a great place to go if you’re looking for some fitness inspiration or some new, tasty recipes. There are so many on the market, but here are a selection of our favourites.

Lose It!
This app is great if you are looking to set exercise, nutrition and wellness goals. This app enables you to track your food and exercise to help you monitor you daily nutrition intake. Alongside being able to monitor your daily intake, you can join peer support groups or challenges, such as eating more vegetables or drinking more water. It also integrates information from other fitness apps, so you can incorporate your exercise from one app on another. Free on Android and iOS.

My Fitness Pal
Similar to Lose It, this app allows you to track your food, exercise and water intake. You can enter your food (or scan the barcode) and search for items in the directory where nutrition has been inputted and you enter your serving size. There is also a large variety of products from restaurants and cafes, so eating out doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can also input recipes that you use regularly and these are saved. It also allows you to generate and track your goals, sending you reminders to input them. Alongside, the basic tracking elements, you can follow your friends and access blog posts for inspiration and education which are displayed on your home page. It is free to download the basic features, although advanced features are available for a small cost.

Hydro Coach
This app is only available on Android, although you will be able to find great alternatives on iOS. If you struggle to stay on top of how much water you’re drinking, this app acts as a great reminder. When logging your details, you can calculate how much water you should be drinking based on your height, weight and activity. You can also input your hours of wakefulness and how often you want reminders (so you’re not overly bombarded) and you can pick different measures of drink. The app is a fantastic tool to help monitor how much you’re drinking, providing different statistics to track progress over time in a variety of ways.

Fitness Motivation Quotes
Everyone embarking on their fitness journey is motivated at the beginning, but we all are victims of lack of motivation. This app is available for free on android and provides users with the best motivational quotes to get you back in the gym. The app operates fitness as a lifestyle and not a trend, therefore acknowledges how hard it can be to maintain. The app has generated wallpapers so you can set the ones that benefit you the most to your home and lock screens. You can also send the quotes to your friends through the social sharing facility, therefore, you can work together to keep your friends on track too.

Healthy Food List
Sometimes tracking food can be a bit of a chore, but you may set yourself a goal to consume more of a food group. This app allows you to find lists of foods, e.g. super fruits and super vegetables, but you can also find the specific health benefits of all types of food. There is not internet needed to find the details, but with connection you can share the food lists and benefits with your friends. Therefore, this app is a great source of finding what foods you should be eating to get specific nutrients, as well as providing you with knowledge about a food.